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Chistiy sostav® Acid

Professional concentrated acidic detergent for removal of very complex contaminants from surfaces and objects of various waterproof materials including cleaning of the facades of buildings, tunnel structures, transport, etc.

Packing type

Bottles with a capacity of 750 ml (with trigger sprayer), 1



  • concentrated acidic detergent;
  • cleans and degreases surfaces and objects without damaging them; doesn't affect the paintwork, doesn't cause corrosion of metal;
  • does not deteriorate glass, aluminum, plastic, industrial rubber goods;
  • effective in water of any hardness and temperature;
  • sparing in consumption;
  • does not contain chlorine, biodegradable.

Instructions for use: dilute the detergent in water according to the instructions for use.
Clean the surface with a sponge/brush/cloth/special cleaning equipment.

Expiration date: 3 years

Package: 750 ml with trigger sprayer (12 pieces per box),

                  1000 ml (10 pieces per box);