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Chistiy sostav® Alkaline

Professional concentrated alkaline detergent for removal of very complex contaminants (oil-dirt-grease, lubricant dust deposits, various kinds of inscriptions made with markers and felt pens, etc.)

Packing type

Bottles with a capacity of 750 ml (with trigger sprayer), 1l



  • Cleans and degreases surfaces and objects without damaging them; doesn't affect the paintwork, doesn't cause corrosion of metal.
  • does not deteriorate glass, aluminum, plastic, rubber technical goods.
  • effective in water of any hardness and temperature.
  • sparing in consumption.
  • does not contain chlorine, biodegradable.

Instructions for use: dilute the agent in water according to the instruction for use. Clean the surface with a sponge/brush/cloth/special cleaning equipment.

Expiration date: 3 years

Package: 750 ml with trigger sprayer (12 pieces per box),

                 1000 ml (10 pieces per box).