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Fudlex® S

Skin antiseptic and agent for quick disinfection at the enterprises. Active ingredients: isopropyl alcohol 63%, QAC 0.2%, polyhexamethyleneguanidine (PHMG) 0.1%.

Packing type

Bottles with a capacity of 750 ml (with trigger sprayer)


Active ingredients: isopropyl alcohol - 63%, alkyldimethylbenzylammonium chloride - 0,2%, polyhexamethylene guanidine hydrochloride - 0.1% and other functional additives, including hand softening components.

Microbiological activity:

  • gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria (including mycobacterium tuberculosis - tested on Mycobacterium terrae, coliform bacteria, staphylococci, salmonella);
  • fungi of the genus Candida and Trichophyton;
  • viruses (causative agents of parenteral hepatitis В, С, D, HIV infection, herpes, influenza (among them avian and swine), coronavirus - causative agent of atypical pneumonia, adenoidal-pharyngeal-conjunctival viruses, causative agents of ARVI).

Expiration date: 5 years.

Package: 750 ml with trigger sprayer (12 pieces per box).